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Postings being delete

pns2007 May 29, 2009

  1. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    A question for the moderators,

    There have been several interesting topics which have been deleted by a certain person who has apparently set up another forum regarding VW and Audi cars (VAGOC). These posts where quite helpful but have been deleted by that person and hence all other comments. Two questions please 1) Is there anyway of reinstating them and 2) once a thread has started can the delete facility be removed so that only a moderator can delete the whole posting (if you know what I mean).

    Many Thanks
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Unfortunately, when a thread which is created by the OP is deleted by the OP himself, it's removed permanantly, it's the same with when we delete a thread, they are removed from the system totally, unless there's a function that I don't know of?
    To answer your second question, I think it's totally upto the OP, if he/she decides to delete a thread that they started, usually for reasons like double posting or mistakes. But with the case of the 'certain' person you are reffering to, it was his choice, and we just have to respect that.
  3. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Possibly roll back the server DB but thats effort and you will lose new posts.

    I agree its up to the OP but it is a little selfish.
  4. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    I have read on one forum (can't at this moment in time remember which) but some of the postings and pictures are saved on the server.

    There was some good posting removed that myself and others contributed to and they have gone. Its not fair that one person can delete there own postings and everyone elses just because they were the "OP".

    If some of the antics which some forum members are warned against puts other more regular posters off and they leave and decide to delete their postings then there will be a great loss of technical knowledge and experience lost.

    This will be a sad loss to everyone!
  5. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I'm going to look at reinstating the missing posts. I wouldn't normally consider doing it when an OP has chosen to remove the content, but in this instance I think the nature of their disappearance isn't gentlemanly.

    If people want to leave, it's regrettable, but their choice.

    It's a real shame when they feel the need to take back things they've shared with a community which did just the same for them - especially when removing their posts removes content submitted by others too.

    However as I see it, the saddest thing is when it's done as part of a 'breakaway' - the motive to remove content might be the wish to give a final two-fingered salute to the community the poster feels alienated from, or it might be a pretty un-sporting method to grow a user-base elsewhere; but either way I feel it's a shame to fragment a community and the collective knowledge it shares - particularly when the issues which caused it can't be so serious... I mean, neither my email or my voicemail inboxes were bulging with messages from committed and concerned members of the forum highlighting issues, suggesting resolutions, or offering help. ...Perhaps effort spent there might've yielded a resolution satisfactory to the protagonists, but at the same time fairer/simpler for the rest of the community by avoiding a fragmentation.

    I would've been keen as mustard for some of the names who have instigated the split to get involved here and take charge of the issues which they saw as problematic, but we didn't get that opportunity...


  6. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    Thanks Rob, I appreciate this

  7. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Neil, I know exactly who this is in reference to & I said something to some of the regulars weeks back, its been going on for a while tbh guys, I also think this really isnt the right way to conduct yourself even if I also use the other forum & get on well with them guys, but it still isnt right even if its there threads/posts, its a community even if there has been some ***** gong on.

    I understand there reasonings for the move etc & they do make sense but I dont agree with what they've done, even if its there choice, its not as Rob said gentlemenly, but hey what can we do.

    But Neil what do you want to know about as I feel creating them again is not worth it TBH Rob, just lets start new ones.
  8. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    There were two reasons why I started this post (and nothing personal to the person/s invoved :respekt:) :-

    1) I have a sort of wish list in things I would like to do (and done) and have asked questions etc to gain an understanding on things such as ch/lh lights, RNS-E Aux, xenons, illumination pack to name a few (and hopefully more) and use this site and intend to use it in the future as a reference point and I thought it a little unfair for this information to be lost or removed (which includes postings I've made). Some of the information I would like to use when I actually come to do the mods has been and could be lost in the future if the OP deletes for whatever reason and also if I ever decide to undo these mods (or they develop faults) it would be nice to look back to also know how to fix.

    2) There are allot of people (including me) that have asked the same questions and the information is valuable to everyone. It is how the forum is created and what the forum is built on (the community as is described). There is allot of good information posted by several individuals and if this information is totally wiped then it is a sad loss for everyone (including future members) concerned.

    Nigel, you yourself have made a point of asking people not to PM you so that the information is shared in "the community" I fully respect this and thank you for the help you have given me personally. The forum is built on people with a wealth of knowledge like yourself (and, of course others - not wishing to offend anyone:))

    Don't know what has gone on, don't wish to become part of it. But just thought I'd ask the powers that be the question so that if any one else leaves, the information can be preserved.

    Edit - one example is that I'm in the process of fitting cruise controll. I've read the info on this site (using the search facility) and hope to do it at the weekend when the parts come. I would never have been in a situation to do this myself without reading the info on here. I also know that when I come to do it and come accross a problem I can post it on here and someone will help me. Audi quoted £379, part were in the region of £60. No brainer really. I hope to be able to post a how to (if I get time) - wouldn't it be a shame if this info and help wasn't available to others


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