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post remap question

dgannon69 Jan 7, 2006

  1. dgannon69

    dgannon69 Member

    I had my 1.8T remapped at amd 2 weeks ago and don't think that the remap is that smooth. I say this because its the second remap i've had on my second car...

    Once reaching about 3000-4000rpm if you ease back on acceleration the boost just cuts straight away instead of smoothly calming down like in the standard map.

    Its as if once u ease off the accelerator the engine dies for a split second and then gently backs down.

    I'm poor at explaining this sort of thing but if anyone can shed some light on what it could be thats happening and why its happening it would be much appreciated! I'm certain its not as smooth as it should be because its nothing like the old map on my previous car that produced the same bhp and torque figures...


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