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Post here 2nd -- A3 2.0 TDI problem

DaveS3Turbo Apr 30, 2004

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  1. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Hi all,

    I did a stupid thing because my fog lights had condensation in them after replacement.

    Basically here is the story

    - Washed and Waxed Car
    - Though oo lets turn foggys on to burn the condenstaion (Ignitin Switched On)
    - Let it burn out, then asked my mum to turn the ignition off, however she turned only the lights off. (Unknown to me as I thought she turned the igntion off) MY FAULT, i should have checked and I can't blame my mum

    - Result Lights still work however it won't start but click and start to turnover. (Dad thinks its a stuck solenoid)
    - Charging battery now as this may fix the problem, my dad has alot of rallying experiece etc, so maybe this may work

    Questions I Ask to YOU

    - Could this damage the glow plugs? However my thoughts are that they only pre-heat when they are not to temperature and then turn off.
    - What could be done? Any thoughts or past experience]

    How can I get the engine to start? Above method?

    NB. Battery light was flashing but went off.

    Regards David


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