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possibly a new guy???

chri5 Dec 10, 2011

  1. chri5

    chri5 New Member

    hi everybody
    possible new guy in croydon area
    i am looking at getting the s4 after falling in love with the rs4 (but pockets aren't that deep)
    currently driving a mazda rx8 (which will have to go :( ) and have only really owned jap rwd cars for the last 10 years or so.
    but its time to grow up (apparently) and get something sensible and give up on the drift days lol.

    so i am in the look out for the s4 and i am after advice.
    what to look for, which is the best to go for??? (v8 or bi turbo) (probably wont be tuning up)
    what are the signs of bad/good model.
    whats the service intervals??? cambelts or chains???

    i have heard that if the v8 needs the cambelt doing then its a full engine out job???

    thanx in advance and maybe see you guys soon???

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