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Possible used S5 purchase

Psyman79 Mar 28, 2014

  1. Psyman79

    Psyman79 Sarcasm is hard on a forum ;) Team Vegas Yellow Audi S3

    Hi there,

    I currently drive an A3 (8V) 1.4tfsi COD and quite fancy trading it in towards the end of the year for an S5. Whilst i would prefer the newer 3.0l its looking more likely that it'll be the 4.2 V8 due to the wife needing her own car (currenlty learning so S5 not very sensible)

    Looking like it would probably be about a 58/09 plate with around 50k miles, coupe, automatic.

    Is there anything to be wary of? Known faults/issues?

    Any advice greatly appreciated. :)

  2. olibattman

    olibattman Member

    Same question!!!^^^^ ???
  3. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    Not had the 4.2 V8 but from what I've seen they are generally a fairly reliable lump although if you are after something that is tuneable then it's big bucks to extract any decent gains. Take a look at Cuppa's ride, he has a supercharger on there and looks pretty awesome so it can be done but don't think it is cheap. :)
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I did a lot of research into this a couple of years ago (as Shrek will attest as he was one of the people who helped shape my final decision).

    The V8 4.2 is a glorious car in terms of it's theatrics, the sound of the engine, the effortless power delivery, the comfort and the looks all come together to deliver a beguiling and compelling car. However all that glitters is not always gold, so these are my personal views on why I went away, saved up and went for the facelift model 3.0V6T.

    1. The V8 is thirsty, even more so than the V6. Expect MPG's with a 1 at the front around town (e.g. 18, not 118!), and flat out driving at the lower end of the teens. Average day to day if you hit 25 you're a better person than I am, so it's greedy
    2. The sound is glorious, but unless you have the wallet (and taste) of Cuppa the sound tends to sound bigger than the power that it delivers. It's so linear that it doesn't feel fast IF you come from a perky turbocharged performance hatch. If you've come from smaller engined cars then it will be fine.
    3. Tuning potential (not important to everyone). I worked out the other day if you wanted to achieve maximum bang per buck you could go to MRC in Banbury and get (approx) 480bhp from the 3.0V6T for £1700. That's about 130bhp increase for less than £2k. If you spent £2k on engine mods for the V8 I think you'd be lucky to see 30bhp. You need a supercharger conversion on the V8 to make it a properly quick car, and this is the only route to do this and you're looking at £10k and some evasive modding.
    4. Carbon fouling from FSi. I've seen quite a few threads from V8 owners cross platforms with early onset carbonation issues in the valves that have had to be cleaned up. It can cause rough idle, power loss and it will depend on servicing regime and type of driving as to how quickly this build up. There isn't enough evidence as it's newer on the 3.0V6T as to whether it suffers similarly.
    5. Manual gearbox. Personally I prefer a manual, but I've read quite a few threads outlining issues with pedal vibration and clutch related issues so if you test drive any cars keep this in mind.

    There are still positives for the pre-facelift though, some will always prefer the bigger capacity lump, the prefacelift 'bull' lights and looks, and the hydraulic steering (rather than the slightly unusual electro-mechanical steering on the facelift). The facelift wasn't just a cosmetic change, it was a mid life enhancement with revisions to the suspension set up, crown diff, and the tech capabilities of the car internally were improved (bluetooth streaming / Nav with Google / multi sim / hi-def screen with 7 digit postcode nav etc.)

    As with any car, many of the faults and niggles get engineered out over it's lifetime, so I have found on three different models of cars that the later cars seem to be slightly more polished, but that's just a personal view. Whatever you buy, choose carefully, and ensure the car comes with some sort of warranty as if you're doing it out of love rather than an expansive wallet these cars could bite hard (either!).
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  5. olibattman

    olibattman Member

    Warren... some cracking points, many thanks. Test driving one on Friday so will keep an eye out for all of that. Thanks again :)

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