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Possible to fit an AUX socket to my head unit??

Abb Jun 11, 2011

  1. Abb

    Abb Member

    Hi guys, I currently have a sat nav unit with 6 disc changer in glove box and would like to connect an aux input to my head unit to use my ipod. I do not wish to remove my cd changer and am a little unsure what sat nav unit I have. The unit has a full colour screen, is dvd based sat nav and houses 2 sd card slots behind the screen, is in my 2007 S4 cab with Bose. Have read posts on here regarding it being possible to RNSE units, not sure if mine is! On that note, what does RNSE stand for??

    Any advice??

  2. AR-rkon

    AR-rkon Mod back in a "B" Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep Team V6 Team Silver Audi A6 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    If it has the 2x SD card slots behind the screen and buttons only to the right of the screen, thats an RNS-E.

    If buttons both sides, its and RNS-D

    No idea what RNS stands for though... Radio Navigation System??? and the D/E being the "model" ?
  3. bdavbdav

    bdavbdav Member

    Yep absolutely - you will need either to buy the adapter from VWCruise / hazydays, or you can make your own with various parts available from Audi. You'll then have to get someone with VAGCOM to recode the unit so that you get the AUX option on the RNS-E.

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