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Possible stage 2+ issues?

nickmck Jun 12, 2013

  1. nickmck

    nickmck New Member

    Hi, your advice would be very appreciated

    I have a a4 DTM, my mods are
    -autotech hpfp internals
    -awe fmic
    -3" test pipe
    -d version dv valve
    -bmc panel filter
    -mrc stage 2+ remap 275bhp & 305ft/lb torque

    my issue is my car doesn't pull that well considering it has 305ft/lb i cant see any boost leaks and i cant remember if its always been like that as I haven't had it mapped that long. when i got mapped it had issues with the fuelling mrc said the pressure kept jumping at high rpm so the turned it down, i logged the fuel rail pressure at 125ish bar is this normal also it is at 125bar even at half throttle and sometimes it seems to pull smoother at half throttle!
    I will talk to mrc when i have some ££s as i know there good guys who will help, just wanted to see what you guys think.
    Another thing my friend has an s3 1.8t stage 1 260bhp & 280ft/lb and he pulls away which is a little disheartening as iv spent alot more money on tuning and i have more power im about 100kg more in weight.
    for any other stage 2+'s I did a 4th gear pull and it takes 6 seconds to get from 60-100 is this about right?
    i have a ross tech diagnostics so if you know any logs i can do to check anything let me know, also no fault codes showing.
    All advice will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  2. nickmck

    nickmck New Member

    Just to add i have a very quiet rattle on very low rpm, just searching and it may be a wastegate rattling issue could this affect the perfomance?
  3. Newfinish

    Newfinish New Member

    Generaly if you accelerate faster half way on the throttle that would indicate your running to rich....on the lean side it would feel more responsive,
  4. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Well-Known Member

    Might be a long shot, but maybe the timings out slightly? The rattle could be the chain tensioner. They are rattly anyway, either that or the wastegatr is blowing open slightly on boost. Might need the actuator adjusting. An actuator not quite under tension could maybe make the rattle aswell. Think I'd log what boost pressure your pushing first and see what it's holding on full boost. Could be a fueling issue but it would have always been there. Few options to look at I guess. Any black smoke or anything to indicate it's running rich?

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