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Possible sale of my A3 1.8T Sport AUG 8L

Kaibo Feb 8, 2012

  1. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Hi all, this is really difficult to do this and I'm hoping my FTO will go first, basically I need cash soon so will have to sell a car, I'd prefer the other one to go but if it comes to it then this will go.

    1999 (T) but on a private plate B27 SPR.
    Just clocked 180k but is such a good engine, never misses a beat and is lovely and quiet.
    MOT til oct '12. Tax end of the month.
    In gold (yellow on MOT?)
    Fitted new coilovers in Oct 11 and have it quite low, can't go lower with the bumps near me
    Induction kit but also have original air box.
    Concert II
    Drives really well, I absolutely love this car so please buy my FTO! : )
    Cons: needs wish bones, and will need roll bar connected for mot, I do have adjustable links but they are useless!

    Will add pics later.
    £900 no offers as I'd rather take a bigger loss on the Fto than sell for any less.
    cheers Kai
  2. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Ok so change of plan, FTO is staying which means unfortunately that this is going.

    £700 before tax runs out and before I change my mind :(

  3. sartios

    sartios New Member

    Any pics mate?

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