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Possible Remap Problems?

scott6452 Apr 30, 2011

  1. scott6452

    scott6452 New Member

    Hi all,

    Ive owned a 2002 s3 for around 2 years now and have recently decided to spend a bit of cash on it to keep me interested. So far i have refurbished all interior buttons and im going to get the bodywork (Rust on various panels and stone chips galore) sorted outg once audi get back to me with their corrosion results.

    Anyway, i also am interested in getting the most out of the engine, so would like to get a revo stage 1 remap (revo is the only dealer anywhere near me) and hopefully a Badger5 3" TIP. Now the slight, or significant, problem is that the car has now done 127000 miles. Should this cause any turbo/engine related problems any sooner than if the car is kept standard?

    With VCDS, i have checked and appear to have no boost leaks. I have also done a block 002 log with the peak MAF reading being 179.64g/s. Is this a way of telling that the turbo still seems to be in ok condition? Or could it still go "pop" after a remap. The clutch and cam belt have been replaced last year so wont be a problem.

    I thought i would ask for you guys advice before booking it in, but i want to explore all this untapped potential, especially after reading all about the differences! Thanks for your replies in advance.

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