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Possible oil pump problem A3 1.8T

JackSuperMoto91 Nov 15, 2012

  1. JackSuperMoto91

    JackSuperMoto91 New Member

    Just on the way home from work today and my oil pump seems to have failed, Ive been seaching this forum and the net and have gathered that this is most likely the problem. Basicly as i came off the motorway and my oil light starts beeping 3 times and have a large oil light warning on. Ive also got a fairly loud ticking noise coming from the head on the engine. What im wondering is what parts will i need to order? Just the oil pump itself? Should i check anything else first, could there be a clog ect? And is it safe to drive the car like this, or could this result in oil stavation and engine damage?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Car: 2001 A3 1.8T
    Mileage: 105000

    Thanks Jack
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Do you have to ask if it is safe to drive as is??

    probably the infamous blocked pickup...if you are lucky and stopped immediately you MAY be lucky...

    Obv dont turn it over dont drive it ... it needs the sump taking off at the very least and see what the problem his...
  3. JackSuperMoto91

    JackSuperMoto91 New Member

  4. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    Have you even checked the oil level? If not I'd suggest that first.

    Sorrry to say, but if it was making bad noises then I'd say it's already damaged.
    Most likely the hydraulic tappets siezed.
  5. JackSuperMoto91

    JackSuperMoto91 New Member

    yeah the oil is spot on, guess the sump will have to come off and see what damage is done from there
  6. IFFY_77

    IFFY_77 Member

    I had this problem few months ago, big pieces of my dip stick had broke off and made it through to the oil pump also oil pickup was blocked but was to late damage was done. I had to get a new oil pump and I changed all 20 hydraulic lifters due to ticking sound and did rocker gasket as it was leaking a little from before. Oil pickup was cleaned up with the help of the trusty air gun. what a nightmare a little dipstick can cause. But the ticking is most likely dried up lifter/lifters.

    Damage report: Lifters £12 each oil pump £80ish if I can remember right.
  7. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    search the oil pick up pipe

    blocked no doubt.
    dont drive it until you get this fixed
    it will ruin the engine if driven..

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