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Possible new s-tronic for A3 as of 5/2013?

dkpeter Jul 4, 2013

  1. dkpeter

    dkpeter New Member


    Some time ago I came across a german thread saying that as of 5/13 a new s-tronic gearbox should be used for the A3. The link below is a picture from EKTA.

    Bild-1 : Neue S-Tronic ab 05/2013 : Audi A3 8V : #205885147

    Not clear what, why or if this should mean anything but apparently now the A3 sportback 1.8 quattro stronic on the danish audi site in model ambition and ambiente is listed for 280Nm/ 1350-4500rpm instead of 250Nm. Could it be that there is a new s-tronic 7 speed gearbox that is capable of 280Nm instead of the 250Nm limit? And that these is install in A3 as of 5/13 starting with the 140ps COD. Now it could be just rumors and false information but I'm curious anyway.

    Does anybody has information or knowledge of this?
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  2. Quarz

    Quarz Member

    Really hope so, since my 1.8 TFSI S-tronic has a production week of 33.
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Audi change the s-tronic reference quite frequently for the A3. If you look at a current version of the Elsawin workshop manual it shows a number of different codes. Sometimes it can be just a small change in ratio of one of the gears.

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