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Possible New Group Buy - Look!

Moresauce Nov 17, 2003

  1. Moresauce

    Moresauce Member


    A few months back I tried to organise a group buy on Morpheous range of products, the supplier let me down and various other things meant it went a bit pete tong!

    Anyway, I now have a contact direct at Morpheous who make all the products and they are prepared to deal with us and give us good discounts on all their products

    Click Here to see Their Products

    The key to a group buy is getting enough people to get the discount, the discount starts at around 10 people and you get the best discounts with 15/20 and above. The best thing to do is post here any questions etc. and also go to other motoring website and canvas opinion and then they cna be directed here when/if the group buy goes 'live' in the group buy forum.

  2. Banwell

    Banwell previously LeeS3

    Try and get a complete package, ie. I already have a snooper 5, but would like to replace it with something that can detect, use GPS, and also open garage doors - front and back please.
  3. Moresauce

    Moresauce Member


    Morpheous don't make a 'garage door opener /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif' but they do everything else. GPS detectors both simple and very comprehensive they have also had rave reviews when tested. They do ahve the option of radar dectector kits.

    The buy will cover anything on the site, be it an upgrade or a whole unit and will be on the total number of untis order rather than individual models so pewople can have a wide choice! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

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