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Possible New A3 Owner

Little Big Man Apr 18, 2010

  1. Little Big Man

    Little Big Man New Member

    Im looking at a few A3's atm and just here for some more info on them

    One im looking at possibly is a 99 A3 1.6 Sport around 90k miles

    what sort of things should i be looking for, common problems? what sort of MPG do they give

    also a rough price range.

  2. TDIQ

    TDIQ 8L > 8P > 8V

    At 90k then you'd want proof of the cam belt being done.

    My 1.6 gives me just over 30MPG and that's a combination of city driving, or motorway.
    On a recent run on the motorway doing a fair bit over 70, I got about 31 MPG so not as much as you'd expect for a 1.6, I suppose.

    If you can get afford a 1.8T then get one, as the 1.6 is a nice car but may not be quick enough after a few months.

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