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Possible MAF problem?

moskaski Nov 27, 2011

  1. moskaski

    moskaski New Member

    Hey i have a A4 with AVF engine and CVT, over the past few months its got very smokey when moving off at junctions, and when i put the foot down on the motorway, it gets to around 90mph pretty easily and then struggles, fuel economy is down to around 38mpg. I logged MAF actual and specified the other night on VCDS but don't really know what im looking for, my MAF actual seems to fluctuate, sometimes its above specified and other times below But id like to make sure my MAF is dead before i buy a new one. I have no fault codes. Not sure what else to look at for problems, as ive looked online and people mention o2 sensors possibly being the problem.

    Any help or advice would be appriciated.

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