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possible injector issues, any help very much appreciated!!!! a4 tdi 140 bhp

chrisk1700 Mar 30, 2012

  1. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    hi all, im after some help regarding an issue on my car.

    its a 2005 a4 tdi 140 bhp s line. BLB engine code.

    The car struggles to start, but after a few seconds, (10-15) it starts and then has a slight miss and also some white smoke from the exhaust.

    so at idle the car misses, dont get me wrong the car does run and when you drive it down the road under load it seems to be fine. but if i try to cruise at say a constant sixty it flucuates and feels like the power is coming and going.

    iv heard many storys about the injector issues with the 2.0 tdi engines but more so with the 170 than the 140. iv rang audi and they have stated that my car is not on any recall list.

    after reading a few posts on injector issues i am pretty sure the issue is something related to this.

    so where do i start, im not thick and im fairly capable with a spanner so i dont mind giving it a bash, would the injector loom be my first port of call? i read a thread where the bloke just sent his ecu off and had it reset as such and that cured the issue, i believe it was peter donovans post?

    any advice or info is very much appreciated as id like to narrow the issue down as much as possible before i just start throwing cash at it.

  2. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    first point of call is to replace the injector loom mate!
    even if it is an injector, garages always replace the loom with it!
    so first off, change the loom (£70) and see how it goes,
    if no good get it on the vcds to pin point which injector isnt pulling its weight, working erratically etc then change that!
    good luck!
  3. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    I would also call your local Audi dealers. When I had mine done on my 170 the lad did say it wasn't just 170 specific. How true that is I don't know but a quick supply of the reg no. and they will tell you if its under the campaign.

  4. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    i rang shrewsbury audi, she asked for the reg but its private so she took the chassis, cant get any more specific than the chassis number hey! and she said there was no issue. mines an 05, what do i do cos i hear alot of people getting 'good will gestures' from audi, mine has full audi history! should i just stop what im doing and slap it into audi and say can you diagnose this? and if they diagnose it as the injector fault start to apply some pressure????
  5. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    right update and also more help greatly needed.

    iv replaced the wiring loom for the injectors, it seemed to make an improvement but its still not right. still runs lumpy and misses with a bit of white smoke.

    paid audi a visit when i picked up the part from tps. they said due to me having the full history they will fund or part fund the repair. i said id fit the wiring and if it worked the service manager said drop the invoice in. all good, BUTTTT

    iv fitted the loom and it still isn't right, took for a spin and it wasnt to bad. id noticced that for some reason someone had bypassed the fuel filter?? god knows why and god knows why i hadnt spotted it! so i undid the stupid little one way valve's and put the filter back on, its started to smoke terribly and is now in an un driveable state. but heres the funny part, the fuel in the filter is clean, its not black and oily, when i turn the car off and then re start it it runs absolutly mint with a hint of white smoke for about 15 seconds then it goes all lumpy and horrible again with an epic amount of white smoke,

    im some what lost, im hoping iv not done a stupid thing and mixed the fuel lines up but then again it wouldnt run surely?

    so im after some help if someone could kindly oblige???

    As you look at your fuel filter from the front of the car towards the back of it is a pipe going in then one out, the one coming out iv got going to the top of of the 2 fuel lines on the engine. the bottom fuel line iv got as a return? is this correct? could someone check for me?
  6. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    iv changed the oil, put injector cleaner in tank and also straight into the filter. start it up, 15 secs mint then it runs lumpy with smoke, take it for a good run and get it warm and its fine, has the slightest of misses when warm but no smoke. SUPER EPIC MASS CONFUSSION!

    any ideas peeps? surely a techy can shed some light on this?

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