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Possible Gearbox issues!

COLDSTEEL Jun 20, 2009


    COLDSTEEL Member

    I have had the flywheel and clutch changed on my car after a heard a noise described below. This work did not get rid of the noise at all and the symptoms are still there.

    A3 5dr 2005 2.0TDI Sportback Sport (No alterations have been made to the car) Car has done 65000 and has been serviced each time the car has requested it at Audi.

    The garage (Non-Audi - Audi were far too expensive) advised that just feeling the clutch they advised that the flywheel had excessive play and this was confirmed when it was examined.

    I took it back in this morning for more bad news. Speaking to a gearbox specialist they had in the past month or so seen very similar faults being one of two issues :

    1) a worn bearing on the gearbox which can be diagnosed by removing a black cap on the gearbox bell. (I'm not technical in the matters of motors at all.)

    2) Where the flywheel has been moving it has knocked the gearbox and the gearbox could be rubbing against the bell housing. This can also be diagnosed by looking through the cap.

    I'm a little annoyed as I have spoken to Audi about the feeling in the clutch when the car was new and was told that this was normal. Perhaps not.

    I'm supposed to be driving to Toulouse on Wednesday in this car and am quite worried about it. Is this something you have seen before?

    My symptoms are.

    Start car. Noise not evident straight away, though one slight rise of the revs to 1k starts the noise.

    If i disengage the clutch (Foot pressed to the floor) the noise cannot be heard from inside or outside. Raise revs as before till the turbo no noise heard.

    Engage the clutch (bring foot off the clutch) noise can be heard inside and out. If step on gas to 1500K till the turbo starts, the noise gets louder.

    The noise sounds like an intermittent quick ticking or something going round in a tombola and is located approximately in the same area as the flywheel and clutch.

    Can you offer any advice for taking this forward?
  2. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    Surely thats the clutch isnt it ??

    If not 100% surehow the clutch works on a A3 but with the clutch theres usually a bearing, pressure plate and 2 other disc things i forgotten the name of.

    My guess would be that the bearing of the clutch could have collapsed (if the a3 has one)? Im sure my golf mk4 had one.

    How does the car drive, any slipping?

    You say ticking noise - my golf use to do that but the driveshaft broke and that was at fault - get that checked.

    My Course of action would be take the clutch/flywheel out and take a look at it. If it looks worn, may be worth changing and while its off, take a look at the gearbox and double check that.

    It may be worth getting a 2nd opnion on it from another garage though.

    My mate has a gearbox for a tdi if you need one....(which i hope you dont)

  3. =Maverick=

    =Maverick= Shopping trolley owner

    illd go for clutch bearing to begin with. Are you running a single mass flywheel or dual mass?

    COLDSTEEL Member

    Thanks for your responses. The clutch has been completely changed, the two plates & bearing. The flywheel has also been changed (Dual Mass). This action had no affect on the symptons.

    I am thinking it may be best to put the car in with Audi as I am assuming they should know best.

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