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possible fault code?

killa_z Nov 27, 2007

  1. killa_z

    killa_z Couped Out

    i removed and unplugged my glovebox and then refitted it and once done, the airbag light is constantly showing on my clock cluster on my dash

    i was told that because the airbag switch is in the glovebox (keyhole) when i removed it and refitted it, the computer has registered a fault code and that there is no real problem and just a confusion

    i have a friend coming over with vagcom in a couple days, i have no idea on how to check these things and clear them, any advice is greatly appreciated

  2. marms

    marms Member

    Just be carefull because with the light on the airbags are disabled!

    If your friend is coming over and has VAG-COM there should be no problem clearing the problem.

    It is simply a matter of connecting to the AirBag controller and checking for errors. Then clear the error. Very obvious when you are sat in the car with a laptop on your knee.

    For the future, you can avoid this code by using the key to disable the passenger airbag. Then turn the ignition on and off again so the car registes that the airbag is disabled. Then remove the glovebox.

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