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possible EBAY fraud? advice needed.

MikeS4 Jan 29, 2007

  1. MikeS4

    MikeS4 MikeS4

    Today i received a 'formal demand for payment' from a debt collection agency. The letter came to my address but was addressed to someone i don't know and as far as i know has never lived here. The debt appears to be for an unpaid transaction in EBAY. I spoke to the debt collector who said they would stop sending any more demands, but refused to send me a letter confirming this. I have also mailed EBAY with all this.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Is there any search i can do to check if my address is being used elsewhere without my knowledge?

    Any advice would be appreciated..
  2. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    I Had this sometime ago whereby I received the same letter threatening Court action etc etc...
    So far you've done the right thing, by contacting the Debt collector, next stage is to report it to Ebay themselves, I can't remember how exactly I did this as they are very hard to involve on something like this i.e they always say that the dispute is between you and the buyer and not them! However, you can have them close your account down and reopen it using different details.. the other thing I did was, as I'd never sold anything (Yet) in Ebay I could prove that there was no transactions either from my account or received from said "Buyer" and I printed this off and faxed it to the debt collector and Ebay..

    My outcome was resolved after my account was suspended for a time whilst they investigated my claim, which didn't really affect me to much, The fraudster that used my account details again (Whilst I was suspended, conveniently!) was eventually caught and barred..


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