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Possible cracked head

turnstyle Mar 1, 2013

  1. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    I recently did my head gasket as it had gone - i checked both the block and the head for warping with an engineers rule and a torch.... yes a bit basic, but i was on my driveway between christmas and new year doing the job!

    Now im loosing coolant again. And I suspect the head may be cracked - im getting no overheating but have some steam out of exhaust again even when upto temp on these mild days weve had this week.

    Car has done just over 110k miles now. And a little search suggests that a few AMK heads have gone around once they get over 100k.

    Is it just the AMK head that has these issues? - Dont want to buy another for it to go again.

    And am i right in thinking that everything can just swap over to another head?

    I was hoping and praying for a leak but after leaving a drip tray with white tissue paper under the car all night - no such luck.

    Either way, this job will have to be put off for a couple of months. Because if the head is coming off again im just gonna go balls deep and batter the credit card to fit some rods.
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