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possible coil pack or oxygen lambda sensor??

mathu Jul 12, 2012

  1. mathu

    mathu Member

    hey guy i need you help and advice,

    my car has developed a problem, it doesn't idle well, as in it like to jump RPM and even when i keep the car at a steady RPM it like it increase and decrease slightly but it is noticeable, also when completely idle you can feel the engine motion as if it rocking you back and forth in the cabin. i thought it might be the spark plug but the service was less than 10,000 miles ago so i doubt its them, this problem has been there for a while but whats worse now is. when i rev above 3000 rpm the engine is not smooth and i can hear a grinding noise.

    does anyone have any clue on what this could be, the car is a 2003 1.6 BGU engine and VCDS came up no fault codes which i find strange.

    thank you

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