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Possible clutch issues?

Nufab Jun 11, 2013

  1. Nufab

    Nufab New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and looking to buy a b7 Avant, as my wife has just given birth to our first child and my VW Lupo is too small for us all now!

    Anyway, I've seen a very nice '55 plate car, with 150k on the clock. Although the mileage is high, it's had recent belts and a new turbo, and it drives really nicely. I'm keen with a set of spanners and I usually service and repair my own cars whenever I can, so the mileage doesn't put me off.

    i was however a bit concerned about the clutch, as there's no record of it being replaced. From a standing start the car pulls away well with no slip. Doing 30-40mph in 5th and flooring the accelerator doesn't cause any slip either, and there's no rattles at idle. However if I do 30 in a high gear, press the clutch pedal, hit the accelerator to raise the revs, then release the clutch, it will then slip until I let off the accelerator.

    Basically, I don't know if the above indicates a worn out clutch, or if I'm being to harsh on the car by inducing slip. My current car won't slip due to raising the revs, but its got a 1.4 petrol engine so I doubt it has enough to to do it!

    sorry for the long post.. Any advise welcome!
  2. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum! There are many friendly and helpful people on here. I would say the clutch will be very worn, so budget for a replacement clutch and dual mass flywheel (£££). Get the car over to an MOT station/garage with a lift for a good check underneath too (brakes/bushes etc). Search regards your engine type on here too as they're not all reliable and can cost a packet to repair. With a new baby, you don't want to have any unforseen costly surprises. Check the car over fully and discount negotiate if you buy.

    My 2.0T TFSI build thread has some useful info too.

    If you do decide to buy, good luck & keep us updated!

  3. Nufab

    Nufab New Member

    Thanks for the advice Al!

    I've done some reading up on that year of car, and it does have the BLB engine which can have problems. Having said that, it's made it to 150k and runs sweetly, and its just had the oil chain and timing belts done, and a new turbo, so I think it's only really the clutch left to cause me any bother. Its also the cleanest car I've seen for sale so far. I've agreed to buy at £500 less than asking price, so I'll try and stick a grand in the bank and hope the clutch lasts as long as possible! Given that it was ok in normal driving until I deliberately abused it, I think it has a bit of life left. I also did some reading around clutches and heard varying opinions on methods of testing them, with some saying that the method i used to slip the clutch was way too harsh anyway.

    So, I'll be arranging to pick up the car over the next few days, then I'll probably be on the forum all the time.. I like to repair and maintain my cars myself as much as possible so I'll be asking for help no doubt!

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