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Posible Boost/Maf Issue Around 3700 rpm - Logs Inside

Aviry May 11, 2013

  1. Aviry

    Aviry Member

    hi all,
    i had my S3 on APR stage 1+ for some time.
    last week i installed a new VWR intake and APR Cooler and went to do some logs.

    i found everything to be perfect besides one thing.
    i'm loosing boost between 3500-4500 rpm, while in the same range i get a strange drop in the MAF reading.
    i'm suspecting a boost leak as my N75 are maxed out at the top but i'm not sure that's the issue.
    Boost logs:

    Maf logs:

    N75 logs:

    few more things:
    1. i had this kind of a drop before the cooler and intake too.
    2. i dynod the car before the intake and cooler and saw a 2-3 kgm drop at those rpms also:

    well? any ideas? where should i start looking?

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