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Popped my Bilberry cherry

danger S3 Dec 15, 2010

  1. danger S3

    danger S3 Member

    well yesterday i finally used some Bilberry wheel cleaner, have to say its pretty good at cleaning and smells nice too. :applaus:

    i used it at about 1:4 dilution as the wheels were bad inside, after one quick session the came up really good, they need another session on the inside/back of the spokes as there the worst parts
    after i sealed them with Poorboys Wheel Sealant which also smelt great and left them really shiny.

    lets hope it makes cleaning them easier next time
  2. glasgowdubber

    glasgowdubber Active Member

    Bilberry is the best thing I have used, it never fails no matter how dirty the wheels are, one good spray over, leave for a couple minutes and rinse, spotless everytime!
  3. S4twiggy

    S4twiggy Fully Certified Detailer!!

    next time you come to wash the wheels though only use soapy water(not washing up liquid) billberry will take some of the poorboys off. its very good stuff for wheels and its what i use on non protected rims but only use it once on my wheels as they are protected(sealant and wax) so once the pressure washer gets on it the dirt comes off fine and easy.

    not sure about the smell though lol
  4. danger S3

    danger S3 Member

    cool, that's good to know about it stripping some sealant

    I think when the summer comes I might try it neat cause in the back of the spokes (I have avus wheels) its really bad and if I have more time i.e. more daylight and some warmth I will use it neat and allow it to soak a bit more and maybe do it twice to try and get them cleaned fully then seal them again

    I also polished my exhaust tip with autosol again but this time I sealed that too because it very quickly went rusty without the sealant. hopefully that protects it too
    i used Blackfire All Metal Sealant

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