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poor sound quality with handsfree

musicegbdf Jul 26, 2011

  1. musicegbdf

    musicegbdf Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3

    Does anyone else use the standard bluetooth handsfree, and find the quality fairly poor? Is there a way of imprving it. I read in the manual about an adapter that makes a direct connection to the roof ariel , but there is no centre armrest (sport model) so nowhere to fit the phone ???
  2. Andy Crooks

    Andy Crooks Well-Known Member

    i have an a3, with the hands-free bluetooth and have no issues with the sound quality so i don't know what i could suggested you could try but on another note

    my parents are looking at a town car for my mum which is small and easy to park and they like Audi's and like the a1's and its better in the snow with it been fwd its practical, the options she wants is heated seats, comfort package and Bluetooth - which on the Audi configurator it says that Bluetooth is unavailable as an option?? any ideas why? didnt want to make a thread for a simple question when this thread is Bluetooth related

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