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poor mpg after fuel filter change

karl210 Sep 28, 2012

  1. karl210

    karl210 Member

    Ive been averaging 29mpg for a while on new maf, spark plugs, cts etc. i changed my fuel filter the other day now im averaging 15mpg! any ideas why? should i put the old filter back on haha. Ive checked to see if its leaking and its not, any ideas on this? im going to try disconnecting battery to reset the ecu and see how that goes. i just dont get this bloody car
  2. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Mate i would t rely on the dash, i can literally reset the mpg counter and within 10 minutes my mpg can change from 28ish upto mid 50's, just reset it and have a drive around for a day or 2 and see how it is but like said ive never trusted the display.
  3. karl210

    karl210 Member

    well ive reset it the other day but its still nocking around the 15mpg mark, its always been between 26-30mpg so its a bit odd really, ive unplugged the battery anyway and i will see how that goes and report back, cheers
  4. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

    worth checking vag-com

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