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Poor cold starting again !

basil brush May 30, 2013

  1. basil brush

    basil brush Active Member

    Hi peeps :)
    since I bought my a3 it had starting and running issues which I eventually tracked down to a split breather pipe allowing un metered air in through said split and into the engine through the inlet manifold link .
    now all has been great with it starting on the button every time :) however on Sunday needed a bit of cranking to get going has has been the same since on every COLD start up !
    I have scanned it and got

    " 16500/P0116/000278 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Implausible Signal

    Possible Symptoms
    Starting the engine when engine is warmish or warm, idle rpm immediately is 1200 - 3000 rpm.
    Diesel: an indication is extreme long time burning time of the glow indication light.
    With all engine temperatures seldom idle rpm will vary between 900 - 1000 rpm.
    With engine warm (90 °C) the engine temperature suddenly drops (70 °C) and slowly comes back to 90 °C."

    however as part of my initial problem solving I did fit a new "blue square 4 pin " coolant temp sensor !
    Where do I go from here ? And also could this problem also be causing my 1600 rpm idle ?
    as always any help is greatly appreciated :)

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