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Poly top mount question

Munch May 6, 2013

  1. Munch

    Munch Member

    Hey all,

    I bought a set of poly top mounts of a chap on edition38 ready for when I fit my coilovers on.

    I started prepping the coilovers, cleaning then up and greasing the threads properly so I don't get any future problems.
    But when fitting the new bearings and top mounts, I tighten the nut that normally secures the two to the shock, but my poly bush pulls away with no force at all, if anything, it falls off, with the bearing in place.

    Now, looking at a spare standard shock and top mount etc I have, the standard top mount doesnt move.

    Am I missing something or just doing something wrong?
    Obviously once the shock is in place and secured up with the top cap and nut, its not going anywhere....or will there be too much movement if its not secured like oem.

    Many thanks
  2. FergyA3

    FergyA3 New Member

    My new top mounts did this.. and they were OEM ones. Use the OEM flat nuts and it should be fine as the mount is held in place by the weight of the car and the top mount nut.
  3. Munch

    Munch Member

    That's what I wanted to hear, thanks.

    i know the weight of the car would hold it in place, I was more that if there was any side or roll movement. Fed up of knocking bushes now, just want to make sure what I had was right.


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