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Polo passenger seat drawer

polo5_owner Dec 28, 2004

  1. polo5_owner

    polo5_owner New Member

    i own a "new polo S" and purchased an alpin CHM-S630 CD changer for it. there is an option to fit the changer under the passenger seat, but to do so you must first remove the pull out drawer which is currently there. i have spent hours trying to remove this draw but with no luck! it's probably something very simple but i don't have a clue. could someone please tell me how to remove this draw? or remove the seat so i can get a better view of it?
  2. NBirkitt

    NBirkitt Member


    could you not fit it IN the drawer...?
  3. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    Most VAG seats are held by one or two blots in the centre of the seat at the front which act as a stop to prevent the seat sliding too far back. Remove these and slide the seat all the way back and the seat will come out of the runners and simply lift out! Oh , remember to remove the plastic runner caps at the end of the seat rails in the back. You should get a better view of how the tray is fitted then!

    Hope this helps.

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