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  1. Quick question, just looking at my invoice for my 1st AVS service. It has an item on there:

    VAG 1K2819653A FILTERELEM £17.55

    Is this the Pollen Filter?
  2. p14va

    p14va Member

    a quick search on google suggests so.

    but nearly £20 for a pollen filter???
    Im sure I got one for about £10
  3. Cheers, I presume they are changed at every AVS service?
  4. rich1068

    rich1068 Member

    Not necessarily. The pollen filter is due every 20k. If you're on variable and you're in at 15k the dealer will probably change it early. It's not really due for a change but saves you going in again or leaving the filter for another 15k.
  5. OK cheers for the info, my car was serviced at approx 10k miles and 20 months old.

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