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Polishing wheels

voteforpedro Apr 8, 2010

  1. voteforpedro

    voteforpedro Member

    My new Boleros need a refurb and I am considering polishing the lips. Anybody done this before? Any tips? How long does it realistically take per wheel with some wet and dry?

    Tempting to do the ol' trick where you jack the front of the car up, put wheel on put car in high gear and let the wheel rotating do the hard work for you. :p I think the valve will probably take a finger or two off though!
  2. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    I tried one once, and found it very hard. You need quite a bit of time and a lot of patience. Once you,ve polished them up you have to keep at it every week to stop them from going bad again. Look on you tube for a guide thats what i did. Goodluck
  3. Foxmeister

    Foxmeister Fired Up!

    Polishing is a lot of work etc.

    Why not just paint or powdercoat the whole wheel? Or maybe, paint outer rim different colour from centre, anthracite/silver? Saves having to worry about the polishing mate.
  4. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    its fairly easy to do the lips, did one today, paint stripper to remove lacquer from diamond cut lip, put it on carefully so it doesnt get onto rest of wheel and have a bucket and sponge ready in case it does
    mine had 2 very large bits of corrosion and a few little white worms but no curbing, after about 10 mins with some 1200 wet n dry 90% of corrosion was gone
    youd have to do this anyway to paint the lip but instead polish it with some peek or autosol metal polish untill its nice n shiny

    i spent about 1.5 hours on it and it was transformed, doing the others tommorrow (getting tyres removed first as one has some light curbing so it will make it easier) will post some before and after pics
    if you cant be bothered giving them a quick polish every few weeks then sand them down again and paint

    i polished some ats cups for my old mk1 golf years ago which took about 10 hours each wheel i certainly wouldnt do complete wheels again but the lips on the boleros are easy enough to do and shouldnt take much effort to keep them looking good

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