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Polished Door Mirrors

Discussion in 'A6/S6/Allroad forum (C5 Chassis)' started by batty, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. batty

    batty Member

    Aug 3, 2003
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    just bought a 1.9 TDI SE in Aqua blue

    - after having owned an S3 in Dolphin with polished mirrors, I think the A6 would benefit from similar polished aluminium mirrors.

    my question is - are these available & what are the part nos, best place to buy, etc.any advice gladly received.
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  3. revlimitbounce

    revlimitbounce New Member

    Oct 28, 2005
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    I saw some for sale in the local Audi dealer (in fact im going there this morning so ill ask for the part number)

    I think they were something silly like £600 a pair!!!

    They crop up from time to time on ebay but make sure that if you do bid on some that they are actually the metal ones not the plastic coloured ones!

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