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Polished Bliss

gjwell Aug 9, 2008

  1. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    I've always use Autoglym products for my car since new and bought a special wheel brush from Halfords for my wheels. Bummer the wheel brush had a metal core that scratched my wheels in the narrow spokes :(. The High gloss finish from autoglym was awesome water beading for weeks and looked awesome. Then i did some reading on and ordered a few bits from polishedbliss( I am not affiliate with them in any way and have only ordered once from them but feel the need to sing their praises)OMG my car looks soo good aft, :sign_plug:er using blackfire wet diamond. I have a whole load of other tuff to try when it stops raining. Poorboy wheel sealer is the next one. So my question is I have a set of super guard which was given to me . I know this is normally only professionally applied but is it any good? or should I stick with what I know?
  2. ChuckH

    ChuckH Member


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