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Police siren sound from turbo - A3 1.9tdi 56

hnp May 2, 2010

  1. hnp

    hnp New Member

    Hi people, just put a deposit down on 56 plate 1.9tdi A3 80k mileage.

    On the test drive both my partner and myself commented on the fact it sounds like a police car /ambulance was near when accelerating.

    Salesman said it was normal. We're none the wiser as we've never had a diesel before.

    As i've been up since 5am on a Sunday morning searching the web for info , i believe i have doubts about this been good.

    Read conflicting info some say turbos gone, on its way out, ok, normal and some think its funny !

    I appreciate its high mileage and things wear but dont want to be landed with a problem straight away

    Your input would be greatly appreciated

    The cars looks and feels great by the way. Hope to become an active member on here or does active member mean im having problems

  2. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    I'd say it sounds like a boost leak of some sort.

    Are they going to service the car and give you any sort of warranty?
  3. hnp

    hnp New Member

    Three month warranty .Could have paid a lot for extended (might be worth it )

    They say service not due according to service book ,every 2 years they say.

    Had a look at book and got them to do an oil change.

    Boost leak ? is that a major problem /expensive repair. I sound like div
  4. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Police siren? I've had that problem on my 2.0tdi, faulty turbo. Don't buy, unless the warranty covers the turbo/ you willing to spend around £1k to replace it.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  5. Walk away mate :bye:
  6. hnp

    hnp New Member

    Cheers for reply guys.

    Going down first thing tomorrow with my brother who's a petrol head and an reckons he's expert on this engine.

    He's got a Skoda Fabia VRS and says its the same. Every time we mock it and say his cars made of cake he throws backs "yeah but its an Audi engine with a six speed box"

    "Its still made of cake our kid !"

    Hopefully give it a good run ,have a good nosey. .

    Going to be interesting trying to get the £200 deposit back.

    Could they be pushed into sorting the problem out under the 3 month warranty we've taken or better still take out the overpriced extended warranty they where selling . Would turbo failure be covered ? ie. is it a wear and tear component

    Thanks again
  7. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    My money would be on a ranted turbo being my second choice.

    You really need to get someonewho knows what they're to look it over or walk away. Could be very expensive to put right. Sounds like its on the 'Audi Long Life' service plan which IMO is a load of rubbish. I wouldnt leave my car 2 years between the oil change....turbo cars need clean fresh oil more often than 2 years.

    HIGGINS Member

    i had this problem few weeks bak had a brand new turbo fitted under warranty. Its still quite loud so im going to be taking it into audi next few days.

    Also if you buy the car have the guy write it down that 'its fine, its meant to make this noise' so if anything goes wrong you have proof.
  9. I wouldn't think the warranty would help as they're normally only engine and gearbox - Tell him that you've found a fault with the car - Say your brother is a mechanic, but don't let them talk to him - Then tell them the turbo's had it and due to this, you want your money back.
    If they get funny simply tell them you'll pursue the matter through the small claims court and trading standards - I'd then drop a nice little line in - Such as; Hope your tax returns are as they should be with a trading standards investigation...!

    But, walk away as it'll cost you a lot more than £200 in the long run mate.

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