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points to look for on S LINE TFSI QUATTRO 2.0t

moggytom May 2, 2013

  1. moggytom

    moggytom Member

    new to the site and in the next month or so looking for one of the above :) ive only got about 6k so looking at high mileage one 55 ish plate, whats main thing I need to look out for on them, ive read already to make sure its got full service history to help stop the oil pump problem and weak dv and notchy gearbox when cold means the oil needs changing [HR][/HR] [HR][/HR] is there anything suspension wise to look out for on high mileage ones ?[HR][/HR] [HR][/HR] also ive noticed some come with se bumpers so il make sure to get one with the proper s line bumper thanks tom
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    they only come with se bumper on the cab
    make sure belts water pump has been done
    full service history wont stop the pick up pipe oil pump problem
    if thats gona go it will go
    even high miles your gona be pushing it for 6k on a B7
  3. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    check for leaky differentials on Quattro.
  4. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Welcome to the site!

    Check my build thread for some info.

    6k is little so take care looking.
    Last edited: May 3, 2013
  5. moggytom

    moggytom Member

    Cheers for the reply people :)

    i know 6k is pushing it but its all I have to play with haha if I can get more I will there's a few on the bay of evil for 5.5k just need to go see them

    Will be checking there is nothing leaking

    i will check it out thanks for the link as I will mod my eventually :)
  6. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    it's crazy how much more the B7 is over a B6, you could get a mint B6 S line Quattro for that, and only a year older. Better looking, better engine......

    Rod cast, now waiting for bites.
  7. psd99

    psd99 Member

    check if the cam belt / water pump has been replaced.

    think the cam belt needs to be changed after 60k or 5 years which ever comes first.

    Generally good reliable engines :)
  8. moggytom

    moggytom Member

    I prefer the look of the b7 :) think its worth the extra few quid for it

    glad there generally reliable cause my Ibiza has been nothing but problems espically the main dealer haha
  9. dannyboy75

    dannyboy75 Member

    As a fellow owner of a 55 plate high mileage TFSI Quattro, these are the issues I've had with mine. I bought it in Nov 11 with 108k miles, it's now done 130k. Paid £5k at time of purchase.

    DV knackered when car purchased
    Air bag light came on (had to do the pretensioner wiring fix under driver's seat).
    Oil pressure warning - pickup/strainer replaced
    Oil pressure warning again few months later, and bad sounds from engine - complete oil pump failure this time (££££)
    Boot wouldn't close in cold weather (had to dismantle latch mechanism and grease it)
    Engine management also light comes on intermittently (though no ill effects on performance)

    Other than that it's been fine. Most of the above are fairly minor, other than the oil pump failure which was buku dollars.

    Not trying to put you off, just telling you what I've had to sort out on mine! :)
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  10. moggytom

    moggytom Member

    Not putting me off haha :) if I could et one for 5k id have a grand left over for it anything did need doin ! Il be looking around the 100-110k miles mark

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