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Please help with 2,5 V6 tdi Allroad Tiptronic problem!

GCamjose Oct 12, 2012

  1. GCamjose

    GCamjose New Member

    Hello Adammss24 has despaired by my car if a big problem with the torque has what, unfortunately, no more alls 456NM would like to bring me. Have in my car pair of tuning measured took, tuning nozzles BUILD with Firad 50% more flow on diesels, big loading air cooler, and 180 HP of turbocharger. My car is a series 150 HP of engine is AKN with 5way TipTronic Allrad. The problem passes in it I the torque no more as a 456NM can begin, the feeling has firmly anchored in the gear control device stands. At the moment it is thus I as soon as I with 2000 rpm in 5 ways full power does the torque on 456NM, however, does not rise more in the VagCom is indicated and the converter bridging structure starts to Schleifen:-(treasures At the moment I with 500NM lies with the power. Now my please to you is, am on that looks for a solution to this problem. Has already looked in the net who is to be fitted in the case my gears software thus in the bridging structure-converter to more Pressure of the lamellae on the lamellae gives or maybe the hydraulic pump more print delivers, something what the problem solve acts.? Hope you can help me there with would please me gigantically!!!
    Will send sometimes the software of my gear with and an already modefiziertes file and a log of a few measuring value blocks from gear! Are block 07-09-10 with VagCom!
    Thank me with all can help me and idee for me have or Softly so can furnish. Should also not be of course around, otherwise.
    If somebody hopes mine can solve problem!

    Thousand thanks!
    File-Upload.net - VW_Passat_D25_V6V4T_110kW_0260002785_8D0927156DQ_899988_AG5-1V.rar
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Sorry mate, stop using the translator and get someone fluent in english to ask the questions ! Cant make sense of what's said in the post...

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