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Please help, thermostat worries

Nath1790 Jun 7, 2014

  1. Nath1790

    Nath1790 Member

    Hey all, ideally if someone was around Gloucester or Berkshire this evening I would ask if anyone could help me change it!

    I'm pretty sure my thermostat is done for, temp goes up and down and sits around 75-80 and only rises at idle (confirmed through climate control data).

    My main concern is that I'm doing lots of miles atm, 400 last week, 500 tomorrow to Berkshire then Oultan Park and back and another 400 next week. It's booked in to be changed next Saturday but I'm worried that major damage could be done to the engine in the meantime.

    I just attempted to do the job myself for the past 3 hours. First problem was the plastic cover and the screws were rounded off so I had to drill and cut that off. Couldn't feel this coolant drain under the car but probably for the best as there just isn't enough room to undo the flange (??) anyway.

    Really pissed off currently as I've wasted half the day plus I broke a bit of plastic off my cupholder that was jammed trying to take it out. That'll now have to be in the out position permanently.

    Car is 02 S3 Bam. I did at least manage to change the dipstick funnel. Sorry all and thanks for any feedback.

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