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Please help, im seriously confused!

Seedler Jul 13, 2009

  1. Seedler

    Seedler New Member

    Okay, think ive found THE car :)

    Spoke to the garage about it, and going to test drive tomorrow

    BUT im so confused :-/ it states "paddles" for gear changing as its DSG, but ive read on this forum that paddles are only on tronic gearbox???

    Please someone explain:
    * If this car has the "paddles"?
    * How good are the paddles?
    * Does having a DSG gearbox prevent any form of tuning? (remaps & exhausts)

    HERES the car :D :


    Sorry for any amateur questioning, I have searched too and these questions havent been clerified for me in any of the threads

    Thanks for any help :rockwoot:
  2. tdisportuk

    tdisportuk Member

    looking at the pictures, cant see the paddles but i think it does have it from looking at the left end of the steering wheel. paddle shift is fun to drive feels more sporty flick of a button to change gears but leaving it in auto is also nice and relaxing. no i dont think so, but someone else should be able to help you better on the remap side.

    overal nice car mate! good luck and buy an s line badge for the steering wheel seems to be missing!
  3. mnoble

    mnoble Member

    DSG has been renamed by Audi(marketing) to Stronic.

    the paddles are great, (well I love mine, use them more then anything, only use the stick in the middle to switch between D and M)

    the DSG will not prevent tuning, but it may limit your choice as to were yo get it done REVO and GIAC, and a few independent tuners can remap the engine ECU on a DSG, the DSG has it's own ECU (TCU) and this will monitor TQ from the crank, if the TQ is to high when you want to shift the TCU wil back off the ECU. some tuners are aware of this and will 'frig' the crank TQ output value to give a false value that never trigger the TCU, some tuners just make sure that the TQ limit is never passed.

    you can (for most) DSG's get a TCU remap, where they will up the TQ limit, modify the shift points and up the max rev limit (red-line), and increase the RPM for the launch control:)

    I will post a few links for you later, but need to get the kids to bed just now
  4. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member

    Auto/DSG is very subjective, so have you driven 'auto' before? Make sure you get a decent test, not just 20 mins round the block. Get some inner B'Ham and then some A roads too if you can. I would be wanting around an hour if it is first time in an 'auto'.

    That aside it looks nice enough, but you want to get some mats thrown in and a conditioning of that leather. To be fair to them, if it is just in, they may not have had the chance to valet.

    +1 on the S-Line badge being missing.

    Good luck on the test drive.
  5. Seedler

    Seedler New Member

    Im glad to hear that the tuning isnt really affected. Any posts will be definitely welcome :)

    Well guess im going to find out on the day. That will really affect my decision to purchase the car, if it DOESNT have paddles then im not in need of a test drive. As I wont be wanting the car, so im going to ring the garage in the morning and ask this very question

    If it DOES have the sorry to say-cliche 'flappy paddle gearbox' ,then I cant wait to test drive tbh :)

    Yeah the car does need a HUGE valet and I cant wait to do it!

    + the s-line badge missing SUCK!! :sob:
  6. Lima

    Lima AUSmotive.com

    I've only had a few test drives of Golfs with DSG. I've sampled cars without paddles and with paddles. For me, the paddles are a necessity. So much better than without.

    For VWs you can retrofit a paddle equipped steering wheels (at a price, of course) and I would be doing this for sure if I had a DSG car with no flappy paddles.
  7. PregnantNproud

    PregnantNproud Gears of War

    Looks nice mate. Do you plan on doing anything to the car? If you do, please let us kno :)
  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeap paddles on a dsg/tronic car are tbh neccessity, I tbh prefer the auto now as its so much easier to drive about now, no bloody 100000000 gear changes stop start etc.

    You can also retro the paddle wheels on auto audis
  9. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I agree totally. I drive in 'tip-tronic' mode and use the paddles to change gear all the time. It so nice to be able to select the gear just using the fingers rather than having to push down the clutch pedal, move a gear lever and release the pedal. So much more relaxed, especially on a long journey. If you run into a traffic jam or very slow moving traffic, just move the lever in auto and let the car look after itself until the problem passes. Personally I find the DSG/S-tonic/paddles add so enjoyment to my driving. It stills brings a smile to my face every time I click the paddle to do an up-shift under full power and it changes gear in a split second.

    The only problem with it is that I will never want another car with it!!!
  10. mnoble

    mnoble Member


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