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please help... central locking

AJO Sep 27, 2006

  1. AJO

    AJO Member

    first off... the boot does not open or lock with the key fob...

    i have to unlock... lock it manually... which get annoying... you can hear the solenoid trying to unlock/lock it... but it either stays open or locked depending on what you last did with the key...

    also the fuel cao doesnt lock... theres no rod in sight... so i assume its been snapped off... any ideas on where to get a replacement?
  2. Jason

    Jason Member

    I have the same boot problem as you except that I have no solenoid noise-Dead!!!
    A6 boot locks are known for breaking with either boot locked and unable to open or open and unable to close and are about £20 (just the lock) from Audi,where you will have to get your missing bit for the petrol trap too!

    There is a way of disactitivating/activating the boot from the central locking system (look in your Manuel)
    I think that it's turn lock with key and remove when horizontal=Deactivated,Turn anti clockwise with the key hole vertical and remove key =activated.This I have obviously tried on our car about 4 million times with out success.

    Let us know how you get on as I would like to fix this problem too!!!!

  3. AJO

    AJO Member

    found the problem now.... took the boot trim off and theres a metal piece that screws to the boot lock and hooks through the solenoid... this has broken...

    im hoping that i can replace it without having to replace the lock...

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