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please advise

thebra Apr 23, 2007

  1. thebra

    thebra New Member

    hi can some one help me please... i have a s4 and its fitted with a alarm that comes on when i press the lock doors button on my audi key right? well my problem is now my alarm keeps coming on for no reason i can see.. when i say alarm is coming on i mean the noise is coming on about every 20mins or so for about a minute but the lights are not flash only the noise? it was so bad last night i could not stop it so i had to disconect the battery at 3am so can someone maybe help me here...cheers guys alan
  2. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    Maybe a short in the alarm? Connections? Also the sensors in the doors, boot and bonnet?
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It'll be the siren module. They have a backup battery inside and this eventually refuses to hold charge either through age or corrosion. The alarm goes off as it thinks someone is tampering with the power supply.
    It's a sealed unit so you have to replace the whole thing or do a bit of DIY on the plastic housing.
  4. macattax

    macattax Member

    You can pick up a replacement alarm on ebay.
    Pm me if you have trouble finding one and I will try to get a link for you m8.

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