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Please advise me! Female!

Christina Jan 29, 2007

  1. gizze

    gizze Member

    You are back to the same problem, you are buying a 5 year old car for a couple of grand less than you can buy a 2 year old car.

    Search on autotrader under A4, then put cabriolet in the special word section and you will see loads. Start at 'up to 2 years old' and make a short list, then add 'up to 3 years old' and add some more.
    Then call round and say you are ready to buy and offer them £2k less, and see what they say.

    You will get into a 2005 cab for your budget if you ring round.
  2. Christina

    Christina New Member

    didnt find anything i liked on autotrader( told you am very fussy.. its got to be right). i am looking on the audi website every day. do you think the prices will drop at the end of feb/march due to the new car's coming out then. I have seen a couple on there that aren't available til march + seem quite cheap for what they are.is it worth hanging on in the hope of a better deal + possibly also a bit more £ in the bank by then?

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