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Playlist Limitations

Nardies Jul 13, 2013

  1. Nardies

    Nardies Member

    I've got a 64GB SDXC card housing all of my music, it's not full but clearly there's a lot of music from different genres and I have a number of playlists to manage them all.

    The issue I've found, is that some of the playlists contain over 1,000 songs, and the MMI seems to have an arbitrary limit of 1,000 files per playlist. e.g I have one called 'Everything' which has dancey stuff, rocky stuff, live stuff that sort of thing, but I've deliberately left out compilation mix albums, some language training MP3s and what not, which would otherwise be included if I just chose 'tracks' via the MMI and put it on mix.

    Is there any way around this limit?
  2. Coxy234

    Coxy234 Member

    I'm sorry I can't help you with the track limit, but what is interesting is it supports SDXC cards. I was trying to find out the other day what cards were supported. Thx

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