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PlastiDipping Girll

leeds2592 Nov 27, 2013

  1. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Hi all,

    Finally decided I'm going to plasti dip my front grill as I really can't afford to buy the OEM atm.

    Just one question though. Should I plastidip the whole grill or just the silver surround?

    Been looking at the above thread and it seems people do both and I'm not sure which'll look better. My car looks identical from the front as the one in the link from the OP.

  2. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    I would glass black the chrome trip. Matte all over makes look exactly what it is - plasti dipped!

    If you are really careful, you can get the chrome trim off. It takes a little while and some patience but IMHO its easily worth it. Turn the grill over and work round the edge and there is yello brittle glue on each tab. Carefull crack the glue off each piece and then begin to ease off the tabs and work round. I then glass vinyl wrapped mine.
  3. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

  4. JJ.Foulds

    JJ.Foulds Well-Known Member

    I did mine while still on the car, just a quick newpaper round the edge and just spray, bits that went into the grill i just rubbed off after it was half dry, it looks great!

    However after car had been in the garage there was a cut in the dip, dam the garage! will be buying the the £25 BE new grill when i can

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  5. S3_Jacko

    S3_Jacko Well-Known Member

    Your best taking the whole grill off the car or keep it on and do it in a garage for something with a bit of heat... PLasti-dip doesnt like the cold 1 bit until it cures... it'll just crack in the cold after applying....
  6. imy2k

    imy2k Member

    Hi mate. What i did was leave my bumper and unscrew the top screws under the bonnet for the grill and slide a big piece of cardboard behind the grill so the over-spray wouldn't go onto my radiator. I decided to spay all my grill and this was left on for a while when i got bored and wanted a change i peeled of the audi badge and left it chrome.

    I cannot stress how important it is to clean the grill area before you apply the plasti-dip . Any wax or spec of dirt won't allow the plastidip to bond correctly . I Advise you too get some rubbing alcohol and rub it down and make sure everything is clean . This should take you the longest amount of time . I applied about 3 or 4 coats and left it for about 20 minutes. This was done in my garage so i'd advise dry conditions . No need to take of the bumper .

    Best of luck

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