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Pirelli GTI

TDI-line Apr 25, 2008

  1. Beddie

    Beddie Member

    I had one too, mine was an '06 so had the later 'black' dash as opposed to the first GTi's which had a grey dash, this made things a lot better imo but i still sufferred lots of rattles and creaks and probs with the stuffing coming out of the seats, especially the drivers one where the side airbag had almost worn through the fabric covering...
    I still think it's a great looking interior though, and the actual materials used are fine if not up to Audi quality, just the niggles i had took the shine off what was otherwise a fantastic car, genuinely sad to see it go.. :bye:

    Part of the problem i think was coming from a really nice Bora to the MKV, always loved the MK4 interior and i had leather/alcantara, sat nav, DSP sound system and all the R-line trim fitted, guess it spoiled me lol! :laugh:
  2. Beddie

    Beddie Member

    Oh, and once the lumpy idle and steering rack creaking started i thought it best to jump ship, always liked the A3 and found one in my ideal spec, so far, so good lol :o.k:

    Would always recommend the GTi to anyone though, cracking car and so much fun and as you can get a friday afternoon special in any brand i could be tempted back.... if i didnt like the A3 and 50mpg so much and Optimax was'nt £1.20 a litre... :laugh:
  3. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    Interesting that this little trait seems to have an impact on the golf aswell as the A3, VAG bulk buying shoddy parts ............
  4. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I like the look of it, too. The car appears to be on 17s though, most likely because the car is pitched at the German market where they're not as mad about big wheels as we Brits are.

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