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Pipewerx 3" downpipe and decat with OEM cat back exhaust

Dan-Jnr Aug 6, 2014

  1. Dan-Jnr

    Dan-Jnr Well-Known Member

    As not everyone will have seen in my blog but a few people have requested video's of the Pipewerx 3" down-pipe with decat using OEM cat back exhaust. Had a few of you asking questions, wanting pictures, videos and prices so thought I would post it separately so it can be searched and share the knowledge.

    I decided to go with keeping the OEM cat back exhaust after doing some research and comparing after market systems.
    For example the Milltek cat back has minimal difference to the OEM cat back exhaust (see picture below).
    You can save a large portion of cash too just going with a down-pipe and decat.

    Milltek do a downpipe and decat for £405 this doesn't include fitting.
    Pipewerx charge £375 for their 3" downpipe with decat, this includes fitting too.
    A full turbo back system from most manufacturers are usually around the £1000 mark, and that doesn't always include fitting.

    As you can see the difference between the Milltek cat back and the OEM cat back is minimal.
    These other pictures show the down pipe and decat fitted, they do not modify the OEM cat back so it can be returned to stock should you wish.


    Keeping the OEM cat back allows you to retain the exhaust valve flap which keeps the exhaust note subtle when town driving, but as soon as you open the throttle all hell breaks loose.
    The videos will do the talking but you need to listen on loud speakers or head phones as mobile/laptop speakers don't do it justice as they cant produce the low frequency sounds.

    Audi S3 Pipewerx 3" Downpipe Decat run 1 - YouTube

    Audi S3 Pipewerx 3" Downpipe Decat run 2 - YouTube

    Audi S3 Pipewerx 3" Downpipe Decat - YouTube

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  2. grchmason

    grchmason Active Member

    Great review Dan!!!!!!

    Really enjoyed the vids too! Do you get any error codes with the decat? You can hear the Flap closing when you rev on last vid too!

    You Revo Stage 1 still or are you stage 2 mate ?
  3. JAMI308

    JAMI308 Jamie H - Cumbria

    Sounds good! Thinking about just getting the decat and downpipe myself rather that'll full turbo back. Posted yesterday about this no one answered me... Do you get any pops bangs rumbles from the decat? The big kid in me really wants my car to pop and bang hahah! Nice car!
  4. Dan-Jnr

    Dan-Jnr Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I am on Revo Stage 2, when I had the down-pipe and decat installed I had the map updated straight away as this stops the CEL coming on. I asked if I hadn't upgraded the map would the CEL cause performance issues, he said no but the light would just stay on the until it was cleared and it would keep coming back until it was coded out. The upgrade from Revo Stage 1 to 2 is only £50.

    Thanks, only rarely had it pop a couple of times on a fast blast, its something you can't do on request. Not like my old 106 GTI with Peugeot Sport exhaust used to do. You do get exhaust burbles when you the blip the throttle to 3k rpm.
  5. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Audi RS3

    This is what I'm currently running although its with a Cobra downpipe with sportscat.
    Yeah nice and quiet round town but when you give it some its fairly loud.
    I'm getting my BCS powervalve fitted on Tuesday so anyone interested in a 4 months old Cobra downpipe with 200 cell cat let me know.

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