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Pipe Werx 3 " down pipe

hoffmanvp3 Mar 24, 2014

  1. hoffmanvp3

    hoffmanvp3 Active Member

    And one strategic dent later...


    To make sure i get enough clearance from the prop damper i did a dummy install by torquing down the head with the old gasket and made the DP to KO4 hotside bolts tight but lose enough to maneuver the down pipe for final positions as im wanting to heat wrap the DP and need to be sure it aint gonna rip off the heat wrap in the first mile lol.
    So all is well and made a few alignment marks on the DP in relation to the KO4 hotside for when i do the proper install.

    At first you do not succeed....pull your foreskin over ya heed :)

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