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Pipe attached to diverter valve come off

JB_A3_Turbo Jul 3, 2008

  1. JB_A3_Turbo

    JB_A3_Turbo Member


    I thought my car felt rather flat driving home today. I checked the forge diverter valve and the pipe normally attached to the top of it has split and come off (as well as the metal clip that kept it on). I cut the split bit off the end but now I can't re attach it. The pipe hole is too small, but splits easily if I try and widen it to go on the valve.

    The car is drivable, I take it I'm not really doing it any harm, anything else I can lash it up with?


  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    On a 1999 car the small pipe should route directly to the inlet manifold. All that is happening is you will have a small vacuum/boost leak. The car is probably idling a little lumpy too.

    You can plug the pipe for now with a small bolt until you can find newer piping to replace it.

    In this state the DV piston will not lift to release excess boost to the turbo inlet when you close the throttle on overrun and change gear. It is very unlikely that you will do any damage, but to be on the safe side just drive it off boost until you can replace the pipe.

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