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  1. 3point2weezy

    3point2weezy New Member

    hi dudes,

    i bought my parents a pioneer home cinema system, i cant remember the model it was about £350 from currys. I cant get the back speakers to work when watchin tv, they work when watchin a film (although they're not as loud as the front ones, and there is a button called extra power, which basically makes all the speakers the same, but then it isnt surround sound, its just all speakers playing the same thing i.e mono. even that button doesnt work when the tv is the source, it only works with the dvd.

    please, any advice chaps?
  2. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    Could be there's specific set up feature for when watching different sources, eg only stereo in tv mode but full surround when watching dvd, check the instruction book if there are different set up options you can control.

    Remember though, surround sound is only there to provide depth to the sound so the rear speakers wont be active a lot during normal tv programs, only during things like action scenes, of which I doubt there's too many in an episode of Coronation Street!!

    As for balance, if the rear speakers are too quiet for your tastes you should be able to adjust the levels of the rear speakers up a bit independantly of the fronts.

    Simple answer, go back to the instruction book and look for information on set up adjustments.

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