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Pioneer AVIC F700BT in A3

ginner65 Jan 13, 2012

  1. ginner65

    ginner65 New Member

    Just bought a 2011 A3 S-line :cool:

    I've bought an "Audi A3, A4, TT Steering Wheel Stalk Control Interface Adaptor Lead" and just wanted to check what level of functionality I should have with it? I've connected the Fakra block, interface block and my existing Pioneer patch lead, but haven't connected in any of the loose bullet connectors - what are they for?

    The car has a multi function steering wheel and built-in bluetooth. I've removed the factory fitted Concert III head unit and replaced it with a Pioneer F700BT satnav. I want to use the Audi Bluetooth and phone integration, with the pioneer only handling music and navigation. I've turned off bluetooth on the Pioneer.

    Head unit audio - OK
    MFSW vol up/down - OK
    MFSW track selection - OK
    Phone synchs to built-in Audi bluetooth - OK
    Select phone book entry using MFSW and dial - OK

    Mode/source button on MFSW alternates between head unit & phone book, but doesn't select between different sources (e.g. CD, FM...) - should this be possible?

    Phone / bluetooth audio isn't being diverted to the speakers - I guess this is being routed via the Pioneer head unit - does this require different cabling?

    I didn't test whether the built-in mic works with the Audi Bluetooth, because I didn't have any audio output - should this work, or will I need a separate mic connected to the Pioneer?

    Will the built-in voice dialing still work once I get bluetooth/phone audio & mic sorted?

    I'm assuming that the Audi Bluetooth is a fully stand-alone setup that doesn't depend on the Concert head unit - is that right?

    Sorry for so many questions - I suspect the answers will all be related.

  2. ginner65

    ginner65 New Member

    OK, a bit more digging and a bit more confusion.

    With the Pioneer connected, I have no sound to the rear speakers - tracing the connections, it seems the Quadlock doesn't have any rear speaker pins on the loom side - and I might have Bose...

    On the Brown Quadlock module, only pins 2, 3, 6 and 7 are present (front speakers, + and -).
    On the blue module, pins 1, 3 and 7 are connected - pin 7 appears to be the Bose pin??
    On the green module, 5 & 11 (RL/RR line out), 6 & 12 (TEL NF IN) and pin 8 (line out gnd) are connected

    Does this mean I have bose amplifying only the rear speakers?

    How would I take RL and RR speakers from my head unit into the loom?

    TEL NF IN (telephone module audio in): is that "into the head unit" or "into the loom"?

    I'd be happy if I could just get all the speakers to work.

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