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Pioneer Avic 900bt - Sympth - Bose Install Help Please

neodc Sep 7, 2009

  1. neodc

    neodc New Member

    Hi Guys, i'm into the second week of ownership of a A3 2004 TDI DSG, and its about time i got my old (Pioneer Avic 900bt) headunit in it, currently its running the Symthony Headunit, (i'm pretty sure its not Symth 2) and the Bose speaker system.

    I'd like to do the changeover myself, but i rang a local popular audio centre and they quoted 250quid to get it in saying the surround and leads were really expensive, i know its a 600 quid headunit, and a 8k car, but i thought he was taking the ****.

    I'm not a fan of noobs asking stupid questions on the forums all the time, but i've honestly looked for a hour, and i cant find a definitive guide on what i need to replace my headunit.

    Please can someone pop some part numbers / links down to the cable converters / guide / and high quality surround for me and i'd be very gratefull.


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yeah the surround is all of £12.95:
    DFP-05-10 Symphony here:

    Your main problem is the linking the Pioneer to the Bose system. There is a known problem which causes popping when changing source or CD track which will drive you round the bend. This only happens when using the RCA input adapter. this adapter is the best way to link an aftermarket HU but depending on the HU the Bose amp doesn't like it and "pops" whenever the RCA's are muted. This is whenever the HU is doing something electrically noisey to stop any electrical noise being fed to the speakers, so turning the volume down to zero or changing CD track. You may be lucky and be unaffected, but if not then you either need to solder small capacitors inline with the RCA's to filter the "pop", which is a pain but far better than the other alternative.
    The other alternative is to use the speaker input adapter, which has a line out converter on it and takes the high level speaker outputs of the Pioneer back down to pre-out low level and then feeds these to the Bose amp. This will eradicate the popping but priovides a substandard signal to the Bose amp having already been amplified by the Pioneer and then reduced by the lineout converter. You can also get hissing and interference problems.
    RCA input is the PC9-410 (front & rear RCA input)
    Speaker input is the PC9-408 (front & rear speaker input)

    You'll also need an active antenna adapter
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Hi mate, i did have the 2nd adapter made by Autoleads and never had a problem. Have used it in conjunction with a sony 100+ dB and never heard any pops or hissing and the signal improved to such extent that i dammaged the front speakers due to the loud volume i was able to play ! I swapped the head unit with a Blaupunkt Queens one and have the interface left as the Blaupunkt uses the same conectors as the audi ones. If you interested get in touch with me... If you decide to get Halfords to fit it for you, then they will charge you 44 quid for the adaptor/interface.
    The Blaupunkt used to do some noises when i put it on without any interface but i got over the problem by switching off the internal amplifier !
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2009
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator


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