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Pimp my ride! Alloys/tyres/springs/spoiler/spacers etc.

monster_munch Oct 2, 2012

  1. monster_munch

    monster_munch Member

    After reading countless posts and looking at pictures for the last few hours, I havent found all the answers Im after for some plans I have for my car.

    I have a 2004 A3 2.0 TDI sport, 3 door, completely standard with Bose and RNS-E.

    I was thinking of selling up, but as it only has 51k miles, I have decided to keep it for the foreseeable.

    After going to ADI last year and AITP this year, Ive got an idea of where I want to go.

    I want to get some 18" alloys, Im thinking RS4 or S line (RS6) wheels, and lower the car.
    Im also going to debadge the rear, and I think a nice spoiler might finish it off aswell.
    I also saw an A3 at AITP that had fitted 5mm rear spaces, this looked good so I might give it a go aswell.

    The main thing with all these mods is I want to keep the car looking as oem as standard, I just want it to look a bit nicer and more up to date.

    First off, are replica alloy wheels any good, or is genuine Ronal the way to go?
    Secondly, lowering. Im only going for looks, I drive like miss daisy, so will just be going for springs. Can anyone reccomend a good set, or by how much I should lower the front and rear by?
    Thirdly, after looking for a spoiler, most seem to come from Poland, and also come unpainted. Has anyone bought one of these before, and also, are spray shops generally good for colour matching and bonding it to the car? Would Audi spray it?
    Finally, if I fit 5mm spacers to the rear (or all round), am I right in presuming I will need long wheel nuts and locking wheel bolts?

    Thank in advance for the replies, and feel free to make alternative suggestions!
  2. K13 ASJ

    K13 ASJ Member

    Genuine wheels are the way to go, i've had replica rs4's in the past and severly dented the inside of one when i hit a pothole.. resulting in leaking air from tyre, it was replaced from the seller foc but still ot somthing you really want.
    As for spoiler, your best bet is a genuine audi spoiler, try searching for a3/s3 breaking or try some local scrappy's. i wouldn't buy any cheap fibreglass stuff from poland.
    For lowering i would suggest a set of coilies, some of the cheaper sts get good reviews like JOM or FK, cheaper than a set of deacent springs and costs less for fitment, also lets you adjust the height of car when changing wheels etc.
    I can really advise on spacers as i have never had em but i would presume you will need longer bolts..
  3. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    For any spacer really i would recommend hubcentric ones. 5mm spacers should be ok without longer wheel nuts but personally i wouldnt advise. If you get wider alloys like 8.5J you wont need them as they fit perfectly as i have them on my car.

    I sold my genuine S-line Audi alloys and bought reps because they are wider (8.5J) and i preffered the stance it now has (I also have an A3 2004). No problems and as long as you take care of them and avoid pot holes just like any wheel and they should be ok. I have heard that they are weaker compared to genuine ones but dont know how true this is. If you could get genuine ones then thats your choice if you want to pay the extra.

    As K13 ASJ said, phone scrapyards for a spoiler, ones from poland im sure will just need modifying to fit!

    Like you im unsure about the springs V coilover debate, just depends on what you want to spend.
  4. Turbo jay

    Turbo jay Leather repair specialist

    Exactly the same thing happened to me with rep rs4's on my old a3, if you buy reps you buy twice IMO
  5. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    So are replica ones weaker and would this of not happened with a genuine alloy?
  6. Turbo jay

    Turbo jay Leather repair specialist

    I have no doubt that the alloy is weaker in reps and they seem to be heavier, am not saying that it won't happen with genuine ones it all depends on the pot hole you hit but when it happened to me I wasn't driving fast and and it didn't seem to take much to dent.
    I also had problems with another wheel being slightly buckled meaning it wouldn't balance properly again due to pot holes so with my past experience with reps I wouldn't go there again but that's just my opinion.
  7. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    Fair enough bud, think i'll just keep my eye out for potholes, love my alloys too much to damage them!
  8. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Replica alloy wheels are the way backwards.

    OEM alloy wheels are the way forwards.
  9. AwesomeMike

    AwesomeMike Member

    Give us a call! :D I am sure we can 'pimp' your ride! haha!

    Awesome Mike

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